1. Install yabs (details)

  2. Create a definition script (yabs.yaml) inside your project directory

    $ yabs init

    and edit it to your needs (details).

  3. Check the current project status

    $ yabs info

    Add the --check or -c argument to also test the release preconditions.

  4. Run the script to make a new release:

    $ yabs run --inc patch

    Specify the --inc bump type (patch, minor, major, postrelease).
    Use the --dry-run or -n argument to test the workflow without really releasing.
    Use the --verbose or -v to increase verbosity.
    Use the --workflow argument to specify the location of the configuration file if it is not at the default location ./yabs.yaml.

    $ yabs run --inc minor --workflow /path/to/yabs.yaml --dry-run